Melé Balcony – Double Occupancy Pre-Booking


Balcony Cabin prices start at US $1,895 per person

(Exclusive of taxes, fees & gratuities)

This pre-booking allows you to choose any available cabin in the Balcony category for yourself and one (1) guest when full ship details are launched in the next few weeks. A double occupancy booking means that you will be sharing your cabin with one other guest whose name and email you have entered at the time of your booking.

At this time, you are required to make a pre-booking payment of US $300. Subsequently, your guest will be sent an email with details to make their payment of US $300 which he/she must make within 48 hours of your pre-booking. Your payments totalling US$600 will subsequently be credited towards your cabin reservation in due course.

Both you and your guest will receive separate emails containing reservation details. Kindly contact us at if your guest does not receive his/her email within one hour of your pre booking.

Mele will not be responsible for any incorrect information that you have entered.

Where your guest fails to make their pre-booking payment within the required 48 hours Mele reserves the right to cancel your pre-booking request and to refund your pre-booking payment less processing and administration fees of US $50. Your payment of US$300 includes the pre-booking payment of US$250 and an Administrative and Processing fee of US$50. Refunds and cancellations will be subject to the Pre-Booking policy and the Administrative Policy. 

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