Mele Pre-Booking Terms and Conditions

By pre-booking a cabin you expressly agree to pay the Processing and Administrative fee of US $50 and to be bound by and accept the Processing and Administrative Fee Terms and Conditions. The Processing and Administrative Fee is not a booking or reservation fee or part of any payment plan options which may become available. 

When you Pre-Book you are given the option of indicating your interest only as it relates to the room type. You expressly acknowledge and understand that Pre-Booking is not a reservation or booking and simply entitles you to be first in queue (or have priority booking) when particulars as it relates to the cruise ship and rooms are released.  

You agree to issue the Pre-Booking Payment and Processing and Administration fee in the absence of having particulars as it relates to:-

  1. The cruise line;
  2. The room particulars and amenities;
  3. The beverage package;
  4. The Onboard Entertainers and Activities or Itinerary; and
  5. The exact cruise dates (but within the cruise window) or cruise duration.

The provision of the above particulars at (i) to (v) will not entitle you to a refund of your Processing and Administrative fee. 

The Processing and Administration Fee of US$50 is non-refundable save where you are unable to subsequently book or reserve the room type as indicated in your pre-booking profile or the cruise is schedule at a time outside of the “cruise window” (see Pre Booking Cruise Ship Terms and Conditions”). In these limited circumstances you will be entitled to a full refund of your Processing and Administration Fee less any fees and charges incurred through effecting such refunds. The refund charge will vary based on the bank or credit card or any other payment platform charges. 

Pre Booking Cruise Ship Terms and Conditions

Come aboard our first ever premium and all inclusive carnival cruise. We will be chartering a reputable cruise line departing from Miami, Florida. The cruise will set sail in the Caribbean and will be take place for a continuous period of either five or six days within the period 1st April 2022 to 31st May 20212(“cruise window”).

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